5 Amazing App Usage Continuity Strategies

Once you have your app on your customer’s phone, you need to keep them active! Consider these app usage continuity strategies:

1. Push Notifications

Push notifications are the great wake-up call of the app world. You can send a message to your app customers that will sit and wait on their phones until it is dismissed or viewed. This can be great for reminding customers to open the app to find new surprises within. Push notifiers beware! Overusing this privilege will be met with customers deleting your app or disabling push notifications. Keep it infrequent and focused on high value messages for maximum effect.

2. Loyalty Programs

Create an incentive for your customer to open the app and visit your location frequently. Think of an ice cream shop that offers the 10th cone free and tracks it with a paper punch card. A customer’s phone can contain this type of tracking within your app providing benefits for frequent use.

3. Dynamic Content

An app should have content that changes frequently – weather, traffic, restaurant specials, blog articles, podcasts, etc. If you are creating content in other channels, have the content automatically sync to your mobile app so that the experience is different every time the app is opened.

4. Social Media Integration

Collect and display all of your social media accounts in your app, and promote your app using your social media accounts. You can also show your YouTube account, and gain sign ups for your email list within your app. All of your efforts in each media channel should be used to drive customers to experience your brand in places they can have a positive experience with your brand and buy – in your physical store, your eCommerce website, or your mCommerce mobile application or website.

5. Signage/Advertising

Don’t overlook the real estate you already own, manage or pay for. Put up signs in your store to promote your apps or mobile messaging program. Add your mobile programs to any ad you are renewing in local magazines, newspapers or online.  Mention it in your print or email newsletter. Talk about it at networking functions. The more mentions of it that you have, the better it will do.

Getting Your App Project Started

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