7 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

Are you on the app bandwagon yet? Here’s 7 reasons you should be:

Reason 1: Your website looks awful on a mobile phone

Really. I’m serious. Check it out right now. Open a web browser on your mobile phone and then pull up your website. Can you read that thing? Do you know what to do? Are you pinching and zooming all over to try to figure it out? You actually care about this website, but your prospects don’t have the patience. They’ll be moving on to a site that is optimized for mobile or to an app from a business that provides them with a convenient, easy to use experience on a mobile app.

Reason #2: Attention, please! Your prospects spend 4+ hours a day on a smartphone

Nothing holds a prospect’s attention like their own, personal, beloved mobile phone. Nothing. People use mobile phones while doing just about anything – watching TV, riding in a car (hopefully not driving, people!), sitting on a train, and let’s be honest, even going to the bathroom and 6% even use their phone during sex. Granted, they might not be doing it right, but still! This gadget is absolutely captivating and you want your brand to be seen there.

Reason #3 With an app, your brand is always accessible

An app is basically a small software program that is downloaded and installed on a customer’s phone. A great deal of content can be included in that installation package, so a customer can open the app and see your brand and content without being connected to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi. Of course, most people get the jitters when they are not connected, but since they’ll be able to find your branded app and be entertained by it during their downtime, you’ll be giving them a great experience.

Reason #4: Apps are engaging

With an app, you can put all of the tools for connecting with your brand in one easy to navigate package, providing better, quicker, more responsive customer service, a slick, easy to use, downright pleasant buying experience, and fun content or experiences like checking-in at your location to earn coupons or rewards.

Reason #5: Apps help you reward loyal customers

We love creating mobile rewards programs for businesses that want to give treats to customers that come in often. You know those frequent buyer punchcards taking up space in your wallet or on your bathroom counter top? Yeah, we forget them too and then we get mad and sometimes don’t go in to make a purchase because we don’t have our card. With mobile rewards built into an app, everyone is practically guaranteed to have their card with them, because it is built into an app on their phone!

Reason #6: Apps can notify customers of new content

The biggest challenge with apps is keeping people coming back. There are great ways of waking customers up and reminding them of the value, fun and usefulness of your app  including sending push notifications about breaking news or special limited time offers or even doing an update of the app. It’s great to see spikes in usage after a notification or an update because you know your customers are getting reminded about your brand and invited to take actions within your app.

Reason #7: Apps are permanent real estate on your customer’s phone

What if you could put your customer database and cash register in your customer’s pocket? With an app, you can get customers to provide their contact information, permission to contact them with email or text messages, and even a full mobile shopping or menu ordering experience right in their phone! The best part is, once it is installed, it stays installed unless it is deleted. This gives your brand a permanent icon and listing on the phone menu, putting your most vital customer retention and sales tools in their hand at all times.

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