Tania Garrett Mulry is a Social Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Mobile Marketer and a Working Mother of 3

She is available for speaking engagements and consulting assignments that would be perfect for your next event or program.

Mrs. Mulry pledges to donate 5% of her fees through EdRover Inc. The audience will have a chance to benefit from these funds and direct them to a cause of their choice through an interactive experience that she will conduct during the program.


Digital Detox
Are you using technology for good or evil? As a veteran product development and marketing executive for Fortune 100 companies, Mrs. Mulry will guide your audience down the path to creating meaningful, profitable products, experiences and marketing campaigns that will inspire, captivate and compel your audience to greater levels of loyalty.

Give to Grow
Treat your audience to a highly interactive session that will share the proven benefits of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy for companies that desire to accelerate growth.

Pocket Philanthropy
Appropriate for business, consumer, college, sports, womens’ and non-profit markets, Mrs. Mulry will provide insights into how major brands and consumers are promoting a new wave of personalized co-donations to support social needs.

Mrs. Mulry introduces her unique formula for success in business and in life. The SOAR presentation provides inspiration, self-reflection, and commitment to action for any executive, entrepreneur, student or employee who wants to excel.

The International Adventures of a Milk Carton Mom
Mrs. Mulry provides a humorous view of and recommendations for achieving work/life balance from the perspective of a pregnant and mothering corporate road warrior and entrepreneur.

Finding Love and Meaning in Your Life’s Work
After many years of progressive success in financial services, Mrs. Mulry was struggling with a major dilemma. Find out how and why she decided to chart a new entrepreneurial course for her career and her family life, and her recommendations for pursuing your true purpose.

Is your brand floundering or flourishing? Does it speak to the heart of your target consumer? Are you raking in the sales simply by flashing your name or logo? Mrs. Mulry will work interactively with budding entrepreneurs to pick apart and build up a brand that matters and accelerates your business. Immediate audience interaction and feedback will provide valuable market research on the spot that would otherwise cost participants thousands of dollars. Pre and post workshop materials accompany this session.

Smart Fundraising Ideas
Brilliant creativity from across the country as parents have shared their best fundraising techniques for saving critical programs from budget cuts. Support materials are available for pre-purchase as giveaways or direct sales to attendees.

Please schedule requests 60-90 days in advance of your event to ensure availability of dates. Please complete the email request form at the bottom of the page to request more information about Mrs. Mulry’s topics and fees.