Turning Tradeshow Leads into Customers with Cross-Channel Messaging

Tradeshows are a gold mine of prospects for a business. That’s why event organizers know they can charge an arm and a leg for booth and sponsorship space, and why companies spend thousands on displays, promotional items and collateral. It’s all about connecting with people at the show who are qualified buyers of your products and services. But once you … Read More

The 5 Coolest Things About Mobile Coupons

We love mobile coupons, don’t you? They are a great way of driving sales for businesses and are much more convenient for consumers! There is nothing to print or distribute manually for a business and consumers can carry them on their phone without having to clip anything or remember anything. Here are a few reasons why your business should incorporate … Read More

Bring Text-to-Screen to Your Next Event

Have you ever wondered how event planners, concert promoters, sporting venues and conference organizers are able to create text-to-screen promotions at their venues? Did you know that Text-to-Screen promotions are a great way to build your mobile database?  That’s right. Let this sink in. Every time a new person sends a message, they are added to your contact database for future engagement after … Read More

5 Amazing App Usage Continuity Strategies

Once you have your app on your customer’s phone, you need to keep them active! Consider these app usage continuity strategies: 1. Push Notifications Push notifications are the great wake-up call of the app world. You can send a message to your app customers that will sit and wait on their phones until it is dismissed or viewed. This can … Read More

7 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

Are you on the app bandwagon yet? Here’s 7 reasons you should be: Reason 1: Your website looks awful on a mobile phone Really. I’m serious. Check it out right now. Open a web browser on your mobile phone and then pull up your website. Can you read that thing? Do you know what to do? Are you pinching and … Read More

How to Avoid Getting Lost in a Sea of Apps

When your app is one of hundreds of thousands in the app store, and one of 41 apps on your customer’s device (average of a typical smartphone owner according to Nielsen), how do you get your app noticed? App discovery is a critical issue for any app publisher: Nielsen reported that the typical smartphone owner in 2012 has 41 apps … Read More

Mobile Statistics Made Easy by Our Mobile Planet

Building a business case for your mobile project? Finding a comprehensive source of statistics used to be challenging. You’d have to know where to go, join a bunch of different sites, marry data from different sources to pull together a compelling case. Mobile statistics just got a lot easier to gather and display in beautiful charts and graphs, thanks to … Read More