Bring Text-to-Screen to Your Next Event

Build your list with a Text-to-Screen campaign at your next live event

Have you ever wondered how event planners, concert promoters, sporting venues and conference organizers are able to create text-to-screen promotions at their venues? Did you know that Text-to-Screen promotions are a great way to build your mobile database?  That’s right. Let this sink in. Every time a new person sends a message, they are added to your contact database for future engagement after the event.

I’ve personally worked on text-to-screen programs for great companies like AT&T, GameStop, college and major league sports teams and have proven time and time again that text-to-screen campaigns are a great way to build your subscriber list and to provide an element of fun for your audience. In fact, post-event surveys usually rate mobile engagement techniques like text-to-screenmobile voting and mobile surveys or polls extremely highly because they are innovative, engaging and break the monotony of an event.

Text to screen can be used to get instant feedback from the crowd, get questions without having awkward volunteers running around with microphones. Plus people love to see their comments up on the big screen – it’s a big rush!

In the past, text-to-screen campaigns were super expensive, but now you can run them at a very affordable price with (Gold packages or higher).

Give it a try! Our sample is Text FANCHAT a space plus the text of your message to 96362. You know you want to! This service is live and will show the last four digits of your phone number and your message will appear on the screen if you click the link below in just a few moments.

1) Sign up for a Gold, Platinum or Platinum Elite package on


2) Under Premium Features, select Text to Screen Campaigns


3) You will need to make sure you have enough keywords on hand to use a dedicated keyword for this. It will ask you to upgrade or contact service if you need more.


4) Pick a keyword for your event. We recommend picking one that is generic enough to work at all of your future events too so you don’t need to have a ton of keywords.


5) Pick a background color or upload a custom image that represents your event, pick a high contrast text color and font for the messages and a different color for the instructions. Decide if you want the instructions to scroll or be stationary…play around with the settings until they look the way you want them to look.


6) Profanity Filter – you can add words that you want blocked in the set up process. This works to block drunken messages from old boyfriends at a wedding or competitors names at a corporate event if you add their names too. 🙂


7) Embed the Text to Screen code provided on your website or launch the URL which can go to Full Screen at your event.


8) Of course, you’ll need internet access on site to make these weblinks work properly. If you will be at an event venue, you may be able to request this from the facility or bring your own Mi-Fi and power supply for outdoor events.


9) You’ll want to test this and tweak the settings once you place it on your screen of choice. Test it by sending your own message in to kick things off. You may want a few other friends to do the same so the screen is populated when you show it and so people get ideas of what they can write! Announce this feature frequently throughout the event so that it gets noticed. Once people understand it and use it, they won’t stop!


Note: I once worked at an event where we had someone text us messages thousands of times in a weekend. If that happens, you can block that number from using the service and send a text directly to that person that you need to let others take a turn!


10) Enjoy everyone having a great time and the prospects loading into your database! Make sure to follow up with them to ask for feedback about the event and to let them know about your services to turn them into clients in the future.


I hope this quick overview serves you and that you’ll soon be up and running with Roving Fans Text-to-Screen feature for your next live event.


Do you have questions about using Text-to-Screen at an event? Please leave a comment and we’ll answer them here so everyone can benefit.