Instantly inform students, parents and faculty with our All-in-one Communication Center!

Staying in touch with students, parents and faculty can seem like a full time job! There are so many new and confusing communication channels to cover – people live on their mobile phones and social media – and it can be overwhelming to learn.

Good news. We can make it easy for you to communicate in multiple communication channels with ease! offers an all in one communication system that lets you instantly send text, email, voicemail messages and social media posts from one convenient website.

It’s easy for parents, students and teachers to sign up on your website, on Facebook, by scanning a QR code or by texting a keyword to a shortcode that we provide when you sign up. Or we can help you import your existing contact list to get started right away.

Here are examples of how this incredible system can benefit your campus communication:

SMS Text Messages

In a K-12 setting:

  • Alert parents of last-minute “snow day” school closures
  • Notify parents of student safety during/after natural disasters and urgent matters
  • Inform parents of important school events, upcoming progress reports, and gas leaks

In a University setting:

  • Alert students of last-minute class cancellations
  • Inform students of extended library hours during midterms & finals
  • Notify students of new facilities/programs/classes

Here’s an example message:

“Please be advised. The University library will be open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM during finals week. Take advantage of the extended hours. Good luck, Lions!”

Other uses:

  • Remind students of on campus events, sports competitions, and assemblies
  • Notify faculty of meetings
  • Remind parents of events, chaperon shifts, and school field trips

Example message: “Don’t forget to attend our first CIF volleyball match at Larkin High School @5:00PM! See you all there!”

Appointment Reminders

For K-12, you can remind parents to:

  • sign important forms and permission slips
  • attend upcoming PTA meetings and Parent-Teacher conferences
  • pick up kids early on “Minimum Days” or short school days

For Universities. you can send students friendly reminders to:

  • Pay tuition on time
  • Study hard during midterms/finals
  • Attend school sports games

…and remind faculty to:

  • Attend department meetings
  • Attend school sports games
  • Hand out evaluation forms at the end of the quarter/semester
  • Example message:  “Attention students: late tuition payments are due on September 15. Please make your payments at Thompson Hall. Thank you”

Voice Broadcasts

Announce last-minute event or program changes with a direct and effective voice message.


K-12: Notify parents of item suggestions for emergency food packs, announce exciting academic progress and achievements, send event schedule for the entire school year, inform parents about new programs and after-school clubs, field trips

Universities: Inform students of all available academic resources, announce campus highlights and recognitions, notify students of new amenities and facilities

Social Media

Imagine being able to update both Facebook and Twitter instantly with important events and updates.  You can post class pictures, students of the month, sports game wins, important updates, school announcements, campus renovations and school achievements, school performances, Associated Student Body (ASB) events, Prom & Homecoming pictures instantly.

Here’s an example message: Add a picture and write “Congratulations to this year’s Prom King and Queen – Jane Huckleberry and Matt Harvey!”

This will allow your community to comment and interact with your school or school organization on social media, building a closer community. 

Online Sign-up Forms

We make it easy to set up online sign-up forms to organize teams and committees with convenient online sign-up pages that are already designed for you. All you do is name and describe the reason for your list and pick a design. Then you get a link that you can share with your contacts in person, via email, text or social media. This makes it easy for volunteers to sign up for school events, committees, clubs and special events.

What’s a Mobile Keyword?

Have you watched shows like American Idol where they say text a word to a 5 or six digit number? And millions of viewers do it? That special word is called a keyword and it helps people join your list just by texting that word to a special code called a “Shortcode” which is like a short phone number for your texting program.

You can use this to get people to join your lists at events, pep rallies, meetings and on signage around campus. Simply post the keyword on campus bulletin boards, banners, in bookstores, classrooms, and libraries

Ex. “Text GEAR to 96362 for a chance to win a Grove High School sweater at the next pep rally!”

It always helps to provide incentives to join.  For example, invite students at pep rallies and assemblies to text in the keyword for a chance to win school gear or gift cards

Mobile Voting

Students can participate in entertaining quizzes or partake in voting during assemblies to give immediate feedback! This feature is great for finding out more about what parents and students want so you can improve your school’s offerings.

For example, “Which International Week performance did you like the best? 1) Traditional drum circle 2) Cultural history play 3) Polynesian dance”


Text to screen is an engaging way for students and teachers alike to text questions and comments to a public display screen for all to see. This is perfect for sporting events, assemblies, school dances, campus seminars, and more!

Don’t forget Alumni!

Active alumni can translate into donations, opportunities for current students, and positive promotion of your school name. Alumni can also register their names, mobile numbers, email, and other custom data to stay in the loop.

Email Communications

  • Inform interested alumni on new programs, events, and donation opportunities
  • Invite successful alumni back to speak at panels and forums
  • Encourage alumni to offer job opportunities for graduating students

SMS Texts

  • Send information on upcoming job fairs and networking events

Example messages:

“Attention Trojan Alumni: We will be posting a job fair on August 12 from 1-5PM. If you’d like to participate or reserve a booth, please give our Alumni Office a call at 888-945-0089.”

 “The 10 year c/o 2002 Reunion was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out.”

You can even send a picture in your message.

 Social Media

Post pictures and articles of university events and featured stories

See why so many Schools & Universities choose us for all of their messaging needs!

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