Retailers – Build Your Contact Database to Boost Your Income!

Retailers – Build Your Contact Database to Boost Your Income!

How do you turn a lookie-loo into a shopper? And how do you keep her coming back to shop at your retail store time after time? It’s time to build your contact database and a communication plan to keep your ideal shopper engaged and enthusiastic about your store. Help her think of your store first when shopping for herself, her family, holidays and birthday gifts.

It’s easier than you think with our amazing all-in-one communication platform – With you get mobile text messages, beautiful emails, social media posting on Facebook and Twitter, mobile coupons, and even voice messages. We can help you get a sign up form on your website and Facebook, plus give you a keyword/shortcode combo that can help your shoppers sign up for special offers as easily as they vote for American Idol!

Your customers live on their phones, and can’t get enough of social media. Now you can grab their attention right away in so many incredible ways. Read on, my retail renaissance friend:

Here’s your recipe for retail loyalty, style…

It All Starts with a Mobile Keyword

We recommend posting your mobile keyword and short code on storefront signs, flyers, newspaper ads, your website, and even on receipts to entice prospective customers and keep repeat customers coming back for more.

Example Message:

“Come check out our new line of products, and enjoy 15% off your entire purchase! Just text GLAM to 96362”

Tell your customers to do this every time you interact with them! Talk to them while they are checking out and make sure you include this in your emails, postcards, etc. Believe me, I’ve helped major retailers build their text customer databases into the millions and customers love getting text deals from their favorite stores.

You can send a text by logging into and typing a message. Then it blasts out to everyone on your list in seconds. Pretty cool, huh?

Then Add a Pinch of Facebook and Twitter

You can send the same message to both Facebook and Twitter by clicking a couple of extra check boxes. Wow, that was easy.

Or you can customize your message for social media channels like this:

“Be sure to ‘like’ and ‘share’ our exclusive sale post! Going on this week only – enjoy up to 60% off select styles! Don’t forget to tell your family and friends!”

We offer Facebook LIKE introduction pages so that you can encourage visitors to your page to like it in order to gain access to your specials.

We make it easy to reel in more shoppers by posting pictures of trendy styles and new products on Facebook and Twitter!

Now for a Cup of Mobile Coupons

You can admit it…traditional coupons are a pain to cut out and are often forgotten at home, which means lower redemption rates and less business.

Now you can easily use mobile coupons which are fast, easy and convenient – your customers carry them with them at all times because they live in their cell phones!

There are so many benefits to mobile coupons –

– Your store appears modern, green and cool to your customers

– Mobile coupons remind your customers to come in more frequently which means more sales

– You can send exclusive offers to urge customers to want to come back often

Here’s an example:

“Our BOGO sale is going on Mon-Weds until the end of summer! Present code: B1G1 to cashier upon checkout!”

You can control the quantity and redemption of coupons at your store by using a simple coupon redemption website on a computer or phone at your location. The customer gives the code, the sales associate enters the code on the site and that coupon can’t be used again. Plus we track how many coupons went out and how many were redeemed.

Measuring the return on your marketing investment doesn’t get much easier than that!

Spice Things Up with Mobile eCards and Product Photos

Why not send mobile eCards on their birthdays or special holidays with attached promos and discounts! Your text messages can contain personalized special graphics that will surprise and delight your customers.

For example, “Happy birthday, Beth! Come in today to enjoy 15% off all of the new spring styles!”

You can also add pictures of new items in inventory to any of your text messages:

“Check out our new spring dresses and accessories! Stop in today and save up to 30%!” + picture

Now Let’s Stir Things Up
You can send a text blast any time you need to drum up business.

Slow day? Offer time sensitive deals to motive customers to act quickly:

“Come in today from 12-3pm for an additional 20% off!”

Top With a Healthy Portion of Email

Listen, consumers love sales and discounts! You can also share your deals with your customers via email. Be detailed with your announcements and even include pictures and printable coupons in your emails! We can help you with that too – it’s all baked right into

Here are even more ideas for social media campaigns:

  • Post photos of new arrivals, store improvements, and submitted photographs of customers using or wearing your products to build positive customer relations!
  • Post exclusive promotions on your Facebook and Twitter to get your followers and fans to come in!
    • Tweet: First 50 to come in and mention our promo code will receive a free accessory! Just mention the secret word “Accessorize” to our cashier
    • Facebook: First 25 Facebook Likes get a $15 gift card to our new boutique!

Did We Mention There are Tons of Other Ways to Get Customers on Your Database?

We’ve Also Got QR codes

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are those black and white square patterns you see everywhere these days. Your customers can use their cell phone QR code scanning apps to unlock amazing things!

  • Place your QR code anywhere to direct shoppers to any website! Direct them to your website, catalog, or social media with just one scan!
  • You can also get them to scan a QR code to join your list. Add this simple graphic to all of your print materials!
  • Engage customers and build anticipation with a series of posts leading up to a major sale and include a QR code to help the customer take action.

Keywords and Short Codes

Don’t forget – Advertise your keywords on storefront signs, flyers, and on your website offering exclusive deal vouchers and even text-to-win contests! The bigger and more fabulous the incentive, the more sign-ups you’ll get!

It can be this simple:

Text SNEAKER to 96362 and join our VIP list to find out the release dates of our newest lines and receive exclusive deals!


Catch More Customers with On Line Sign Up Pages and Facebook Widgets

With, you can collect custom data with customized online sign-up pages like gender, age range, favorite color, etc. Send customers specific promotions to those contacts who filled out their favorite apparel pieces while filling out your form.

We also give you “widgets” that capture this information in Facebook.

For example, create a status update:

“Hi Everyone! Make sure you fill out our widget to the left to receive exclusive deals and offers!”

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