Retailers – Build Your Contact Database to Boost Your Income!

Retailers – Build Your Contact Database to Boost Your Income! How do you turn a lookie-loo into a shopper? And how do you keep her coming back to shop at your retail store time after time? It’s time to build your contact database and a communication plan to keep your ideal shopper engaged and enthusiastic about your store. Help her … Read More

Bring Text-to-Screen to Your Next Event

Have you ever wondered how event planners, concert promoters, sporting venues and conference organizers are able to create text-to-screen promotions at their venues? Did you know that Text-to-Screen promotions are a great way to build your mobile database?  That’s right. Let this sink in. Every time a new person sends a message, they are added to your contact database for future engagement after … Read More

Mobile Marketing Channels – A Quick Overview for Brand Marketers

As you think about your mobile marketing strategy, you should get to know the core mobile marketing channels…please let me know if you have questions or need help finding solutions in any of these areas. I’ve worked with some of the largest financial services, retailers, manufacturers and consumer packed goods companies on highly successful mobile marketing campaigns in these areas … Read More