The 5 Coolest Things About Mobile Coupons

We love mobile coupons, don’t you? They are a great way of driving sales for businesses and are much more convenient for consumers! There is nothing to print or distribute manually for a business and consumers can carry them on their phone without having to clip anything or remember anything.

Here are a few reasons why your business should incorporate mobile coupons in your promotional strategy as soon as possible.

Mobile coupons have a 20x higher redemption rate than paper coupons!

When you send out paper coupons, you really don’t know if they are going to be used. That could be fine if your primary objective is to build brand awareness. But if you are trying to drive purchases, paper coupons are a big snooze! They probably have a long expiration period and don’t compel anyone to rush into a store to redeem them. Most likely, if they are even viewed and saved, they are stuffed into a drawer, envelope or cabinet to keep safe for “future use”, which is a nice way of saying “it will never see the light of day”.

When you have a permission based list of customers and prospects interested in receiving mobile coupons and promotions from you, you now have a “hot list” that will probably respond positively to your promotion.

As a bonus, mobile coupons can be viral too! If your customer knows someone who would use the coupon, they can forward it to anyone’s phone in a snap. This helps your customers become your advertising agents.

Mobile coupons are green!

If you are a company selling a “green” product and you are still using paper coupons, flyers and posters, shame on you!

How many times have you printed paper coupons or fliers only to have them sit in storage until they were obsolete? What a waste of time, money and trees. Now consider how much it costs to mail or hand out those fliers? Ok, now I can tell, you are ready to hear more about how mobile can eliminate all of these costs and headaches.

If your business wants to promote your environmentally friendly policies, mobile coupons are a great way to go!

They utilize a fraction of the energy and none of the paper that traditional coupons use, but they are super effective for your business as well.

Give the environment a break and try out mobile coupons today!

Mobile coupons create more sales through urgency and scarcity!

When you set a certain number of redemptions or a certain end time/date for your coupon, and the deal is attractive, you ignight a fire under people to come in before the offer expires or is used up! Urgency and scarcity are two of the most powerful marketing techniques you can use to drive sales.

Mobile coupons can be implemented immediately to drive traffic and purchases during slow periods!

Gotta love mobile coupons! Just set them up and they can be delivered instantly to as many subscribers as you have in your database. Then you can watch the shoppers flock in for that hot deal.

This is a perfect tool to use to fill up tables at a restaurant on a slow night, to fill cancelled appointments at a salon or medical practice, or to sell last minute tickets to an event.

All major retailers are using text promotions because they work like crazy to drive fans into the store. As you look around, you’ll find more and more examples in daily life. Soon every piece of media will have a mobile call to action – mobile opt-in instructions with an incentive to join the database of the advertiser in order to have a great list of warm prospects open to receive coupons and special offers.

Mobile coupons are sleek and easy to use!

Perhaps the coolest thing about mobile coupons is that they are cool! They are not your grandma’s folder of newspaper clippings holding up the line at the grocery store. Quite oppositely, they represent being in the know, being cooler than others who aren’t as savvy and they represent VIP access.

 They couldn’t be simpler to use for the consumer or for your staff. Just watch this quick video to see how the platform makes mobile coupons super easy to use. Then sign up for a free trial of today!

Do you have questions about mobile coupons? Leave a comment and we’ll answer them here for everyone’s benefit.